Posted on July 13th, 2013 in News

iStock_000016927222_MediumThere is probably not a success driven business owner or professional consultant in the world today who does not recognise the proven value and importance of strategic planning.

The aim is always to put a successful strategy in place to achieve a serious competitive advantage. Here are some key principles which I suggest for your own Strategic Planning:

1. A strategy should be so simple that it can be implemented to an ever changing market place
2. A strategy should be quick, and should not take an exhausting time to develop, let alone execute
3. A strategy should be capable of producing very immediate, visible and measurable results. (How soon and how much?)

While most of you will be familiar with the SWOT analysis for strategic planning, I would like to share with you a different model with four separate phases to develop your strategy;

Phase One – Focus; define your measurements, goals and objectives

Phase Two – Analysis; identify all of the critical questions and information that will be essential in keeping your strategy on track

Phase Three – Planning; outline every critical element that can help influence your targeted success. There should be limits placed on your financial budgets at this stage so just list all the resources you need by thinking outside of the box

Phase Four – Intensity; this is the point where the mission is to execute the planning of the previous stages, as precisely and rapidly as possible.

If you require some help with developing a strategic plan for your business I can help facilitate this process.