“What it takes to do a job will not be learned from management course. It is principally a matter of experience, the proper attitude and common sense – none of which can be thought in a classroom. Human experience shows that people, not organisations or management systems gets things done” ~ Hyman G Rickover 

Peter Nolan has real hands on life experience from over two decades of business ownership. He knows what its like being at the helm and is thoroughly familiar with the day to day challenges and worries which every business owner faces.

Peter has worked in the trenches of industry having dealt with the noble art of profit and loss, sales targets, difficult customers and disgruntled staff. In both business and life Peter has paid the price to learn the things that his clients need to know. Its called hard earned wisdom and he is willing to share this with you now.

Management Solutions is unique in this area because the expertise is based upon 20 years of successful business ownership and leadership where Peter Nolan built up a business from scratch to a turnover of €12m p.a.

This level of real commercial experience and knowledge is combined with formal qualifications in leadership, business management, executive coaching and most recently psychology.

Peter has trained in the leading Irish business colleges (Irish Management Institute and Dublin Business School) to develop his skills and techniques as a management consultant, business advisor and performance psychologist.

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