“Working together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” ~ Henry Ford

Building an effective, cohesive team is extremely hard, but it is possible.

Just like baking a cake you have to know which ingredients to use and how much is required.

Before you consider embarking on a team building effort, your team needs to answer two big questions;

  • Are you really a team right now?
  • Are you willing to invest serious time and energy in the process?

If you are willing to make this commitment I can show you how to build a truly cohesive and high performance team.

  1. Your people trust one another ~ members admit weaknesses and mistakes, ask for help and feedback, accept questions about their areas of responsibility, take risks in offering feedback to others, accept and offer alogies without hesitation, appreciate and tap into other people’s skills and experience, look forward to team meeting as an opportunity to work together
  2. Your people engage in unfiltered conflict around business ideas ~ have lively, interesting meetings, exlpoit everyones ideas, solve problems quickly, minimise office politics, put critical topics on the table for discussion
  3. Your people commit to decisions and plans of actions ~ create clarity around direction and priorities, align the entire team around common objectives, develop an ability to learn from mistakes, take advantage of all opportunities, move forward without hesitation, can change direction when needed without guilt.
  4. Your people hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans ~ ensures that poor performers feel pressure to improve, identify potential problems quickly by questioning each others approaches, establish respect among team members who are held to the same high standards, avoid bureaucracy around performance management and corrective action.
  5. Your people focus on the achievement of collective results ~ retain achievement motivated employees, minimize selfish  behaviors, benefit from people putting the teams needs first, avoid distractions, dislike failure, celebrate their success when it happens.

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