Posted on January 3rd, 2013 in News

The truth you cant handle it

Companies are terrible at confronting the truth. It is so much easier to define your version of reality, and judge success and failure according to that. But in my experience as a management consultant, funding the truth is crucial both to create and sustain success.

Because confronting the truth is painful, business owners are usually terrible at confronting the truth in their business. Management screens and filters out what it doesn’t want to hear. To acknowledge a problem would mean having to face an unpleasant meeting that would make you unloved or unpopular, and who wants that?

Exposing the truth can expose the f-word feared by everyone – failure. We also find that our ego finds it very hard to deal with the truth because we don’t want our vulnerabilities exposed as a business owner. But if we don’t commit to finding where the problems are in our business then we can never seek to find the solutions.

So do you really want to find the truth about your company or take the easy option and let things drag on as they are?

If you want to find the truth seek the help of a trusted advisor who will ask the questions that are most difficult to answer.