“Management works best in the system, leaderships works on the system” ~ Stephen R Covey

You were passionate enough to become a successful professional but running and developing your business takes a lot more time and management skills than you ever imagined.

When you were in college they taught you how to be an expert in your field. Most professionals believe that sheer technical knowledge will be enough to ensure success in business. Unfortuntely your technical expertise only accounts for about 50% of what makes a successful practise.

When Ray Kroc looked at the McDonald’s model he recognised that if he wanted to build a scalable business he needed to create systems and procedures which every staff member could clearly understand and follow. Some management studies have shown that 85% of an employees effectiveness is determined by the systems they work with. Unfortunately most professional firms dont pay much attention to this critical aspect of their business.

Does this sound familiar to you?

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“Productivity and efficiency can be achieved step by step with sustained hard word, relentless attention to detail and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance” ~ J.R.D. Tata